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Trust Services


How does SNTC Trust ensure that your loved one’s needs are met?

  • Our Case Managers will work with you to develop a CARE PLAN and project the amount you will need to set aside to provide for his/her care-giving needs after you are no longer around.
  • We will record your wishes in a LETTER OF INTENT on how you wish the trust funds to be used.
  • We will REVIEW the Care Plan with you and update the Letter of Intent to capture his/her changing needs.
  • Our Case Managers will make HOME VISITS to check on his/her well-being after you are no longer around.
  • We will monitor the use of the trust funds and continue to review the Care Plan with your appointed caregiver.
  • We will work with your appointed caregiver to get help from available resources in the community to support your loved one when the monies in the Trust are running low.