GOAL Sponsorship Scheme

Gift Of A Lifetime (GOAL) helps a parent purchase a $100,000 term plan for proceeds to be paid into the child's SNTC trust account upon demise of the parent.

GOAL has two parts:

  1. It sponsors the parent with the initial $5,000 deposit to set up an SNTC trust account for the child;
  2. The parent follows a plan to top-up the trust account to receive matching top-up donations, up to $5,000. These funds are then used to pay the premium of the term policy, the Great Eastern Cares Term Plan on a parent’s life.

SNTC does not receive referral fees for any insurance products. The term plan is offered on a non-advisory basis.

Make a difference today by donating to help low-income families secure a $100,000 term policy to be paid into the child’s SNTC Trust account. Through the parent’s minimum top-up to the child’s trust account and matching GOAL donations, the insurance proceeds will help to support the child’s long-term needs upon the parent’s demise.

Donate via Giving.sg  Donate via Bank Transfer/Cheques (177 KB)

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