Let’s talk about Special Needs Savings Scheme (SNSS)

16 Jun 2021


Developed by the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) in partnership with the Central Provident Fund (CPF) Board, Special Needs Savings Scheme (SNSS) enables parents to set aside their CPF savings for the long-term care of their children with special needs.

In this series of “Voices from CMs”, we have Ms Jo Tan, SNTC’s Assistant Case Manager, to share with us about how SNSS works, and how it can help persons with special needs.

Mdm V has meticulously done her estate planning, in preparation for her only child’s care needs when she is no longer around. She prides herself on saving a healthy balance in her Central Provident Fund (CPF) accounts which she intends to leave the monies to benefit her child. Her child has autism, and Mdm V is comforted that he holds a stable job and is able to care for himself at home.

She shared with me that her main concern was his financial management. Her son is able to manage small sums of pocket money to buy food from their neighbourhood hawker centre, but Mdm V worries that he will be unable to comprehend and be overwhelmed by his inheritance when the time comes. Hearing her situation, I shared about the Special Needs Savings Scheme (SNSS), a form of CPF nomination, which is administered by SNTC.

You can find out more about SNSS here. Here are some frequently asked questions by parents about the Scheme:

How can SNSS help my child with special needs?

With a successful SNSS nomination, after your demise, the monies in your CPF accounts will be transferred to your child’s bank account in a monthly fixed sum. Your child or their deputy will then be able to withdraw the monies from the bank account for their daily living needs.

How can I build up my funds for my child to benefit from SNSS?

As SNSS is a type of CPF nomination, you will need to top up your CPF accounts to build up your funds. You can find out more here, or contact CPF for more information. SNSS will not be able to distribute any monies outside of your CPF accounts.

Do note that your Will is not able to distribute monies in your CPF accounts.

I plan to use my CPF funds for my own retirement. Should I still sign up for SNSS?

If you foresee that there will be little CPF monies to be disbursed to your child, SNSS is not likely to be suitable for your family. You might wish to consider setting up an SNTC Trust account instead. If you are undecided now how you will use your CPF funds in the future, you can still make your SNSS nomination now, and change the nomination at any CPF Service Centre when your plans become clear.

I have already set up an SNTC Trust account for my child. Do I still need to sign up for SNSS?

SNSS can complement your child’s SNTC Trust account. You can explore this with your case manager during your annual reviews. Ultimately, the decision is up to you, but SNTC is here to support and guide you.

With SNSS, Mdm V felt more at ease knowing that she can make such an arrangement to help her son manage his monies. She submitted her SNSS application on the same day, reassured that she can make changes to her nomination should her plans change in the future. She excitedly shared that she is going to start teaching her son how to use the ATM, in preparation for the disbursements he will receive.

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