Many helping hands to serve the community of special needs

16 Dec 2020


As a social service agency, we work with other social services agencies in Singapore to serve the community of special needs. Mr Teo is an example of how we partnered with various community groups to benefit families in need.

Mr Teo, who has been diagnosed with Parkinson, was first referred to us by Ng Teng Fong General Hospital in 2017. He was worried about his three children who have mild intellectual disabilities and difficulties in financial management.

In view of Mr Teo’s poor health condition and financial difficulties, SNTC supported him by sponsoring the initial deposit of $5,000 for each of the trust account set up for his three children. After the trusts’ set-up, our Case Managers continued to work with community partners to support the Teo’s family.

For instance, when Mr Teo was placed in St. Andrew’s Nursing Home for long-term residential care while his children continued to reside his HDB flat, we mobilised community support by coordinating with social service agencies, including Lakeside Family Service Centre, Singapore Anglican Community Services Cluster Support, IMH, and Blue Cross Thong Kheng Home. These interventions ensured that the children continued to receive meals, food rations, and weekly housekeeping services.

We also worked with pro bono deputies to apply for a court order to unlock
a bank account which was jointly-owned between one of Mr Teo’s children and his late wife. The savings within the bank account were
then transferred into the child’s trust account to be safeguarded for his future care needs.

To learn more about Mr Teo and his family, read the published story on pages 32-33 in our Annual Report 2019/2020.

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