Working hand-in-hand with community partners

15 Jan 2021


In 2018, SNTC received a referral from Fei Yue Family Service Centre (Bukit Batok) for Mr Teo.

Mr Teo has a teenage son with mild intellectual disability. As Mr Teo had a heart stent operation and later suffered a mild stroke in 2018, he was unable to work.

His biggest worry was his son who is not capable of managing large sum of monies. Mr Teo was also concerned that his wife whom he has not been legally divorced from, will get a share of his estate (mainly his 3-room HDB flat) which he intends to leave behind for his son.

In view of Mr Teo’s poor health conditions and financial difficulties, SNTC sponsored the initial capital of $5000 for Mr Teo to set up an SNTC trust account for his son as the beneficiary. With the trust account, it is then possible for Mr Teo to complete a will to inject future sale proceeds of his flat into the trust account for his son’s long-term care needs. The trust monies are also safeguarded by the Public Trustee’s Office.

After the trust set-up, our Case Managers continue to review and and check on the welfare of the Teo family. They also work with other community partners to support the family and address their needs.

With the support of SNTC, Mr Teo is able to have a peace of mind as there
is financial provision and security for his son’s long-term care needs.

Mr Teo’s story was first published on pages 34-35 in our Annual Report 2018/2019.

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